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Siddho's rather for photography started when his father showed him during his adolescences how to use a camera and develop film in a darkroom. After  university where he studied art, religion and history Siddho moved to the south of France on search of a deeper meaning of life than the material world.he was strongly influenced by Novalis, Rainer Maria Rilke and painters like Casper David Friedrich and Paul Klee. Very soon the remote living situation in France became too isolated and was followed by extensive travels in India where he lived for many years in different Ashrams with several different teachers.

Back in the west Siddho made his passion for photography a way of living.with his partner he moved to Hawaii to develop a remote piece of land and created a retreat place. During that time he also started to work as a photographer for Merril Lynch. This job took him to many different countries and created a big inventory of images. Siddho developed a particular expression which is influenced by the Japanese "Wabi-Sabi" philosophy emphasizing the beauty in imperfection which he finds in fragments of the natural and created world; while resisting definition they gain meaning through abstractions--a way of seeing where the narrative lingers.

After a long time on the islands Siddho and his partner moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where they started collaborating in regards to their creative expressions and had their first joint exhibition in Albuquerque, New Mexico.a communal run Gallery in Santa Fe showed his work too. Up to this day Santa Fe Santa Fe remains his home but he is presently living and creating in New Zealand where his partner resides.




Hans Gebhardt

+64 21 255 0569


2 Kennedy Point Rd

Surfdale / Auckland 1081

New Zealand

+1 808 280 0930


1521 Upper Canyon Rd

Santa Fe / New Mexico 87501


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