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He moved to Hawaii with his partner, and settled down on a remote part of Maui. Together they created a place that initiated a communal living situation. During the same time, photography became a job for Siddho, which took him to many different countries, creating a big inventory of images on photographic negatives. After a long time on the island , Siddho and his partner decided to sell their place and move to Santa Fe, New Mexico where Siddho continued with photography more intensely and collaborated with his partner in nourishing ways which created a body of work which was first exhibited in Albuquerque. New Mexico really became the new home of Siddho and still is, to this day. Siddho is currently showing his photography at ViVO Contemporary, a gallery which is run communally.

Siddho’s way of taking photographs is influenced by the Japanese “Wabi Sabi” philosophy which emphasizes the beauty in imperfection which Siddho finds while meandering around fragments of the natural and built world. Devoid of the surroundings in their cropped state, they become abstractions with a new meaning, resisting definition. Siddho creates photographs where the narrative lingers.

Drawn by the different lifestyle in France, Siddho moved from Germany to the south of France right after finishing school where he mastered in Art, Religion and History. He started rebuilding old, fallen down houses and soon made his living that way. In his early years, his father taught him photography. First a hobby, then a passion, later in his life photography became a means of income for Siddho.

The connection and strong influence of the German culture on Siddha came through the works of writers like Novalis, Rilke, painters like Casper David Friedrich and Paul Klee. Siddho even spent a period of time in the same oasis in Tunisia. This was followed extensive travel throughout India where Siddho met his teacher and started living in an ashram where he remained for several years. Photography was always a means for Siddho to express himself. During his travels, he accumulated a large number of pictures which led to his first photography exhibition in Germany.




Hans Gebhardt

+64 21 255 0569


2 Kenedy Point Rd

Surfdale / Auckland 1081

New Zealand

+1 808 280 0930


1521 Upper Canyon Rd

Santa Fe / New Mexico 87501


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